Billy’s Top Five Styles of Journaling

Hello! Thank you for checking out our first post on the Billy blog. We hope that this can become a place to share inspiration for getting the most out of your Billy book, for learning new techniques and skills, and getting a few tips on creating perfect gifts. To get started we’ve made a list of of Billy’s Top Five Styles of Journaling… so if you’re looking for an excuse to treat yourself to a new notebook then read on!

1. Wellness Journals 

After everything the last couple of years have thrown at us, it has never been more important to keep on track of our mental wellbeing. Using a journal to track your mood, practise gratitude or slow down with some mindfulness activities can be a fantastic way to check in with how you’re feeling. It’s also been proven that journaling can reduce blood pressure in a similar way to meditation, so the physical act of keeping a journal can keep you healthy too!

You can of course, also use a journal to track your physical health, whether that means logging your fitness progress or tracking your healthy eating and drinking habits, writing things down can help you reach goals and find a healthier, happier you.

You can find some inspiration for creating a Wellness Journal on our Pinterest board here.

Bullet journal style of journaling. layout as a week plan with meal planner and gratitude sections.
Keeping a Bullet Journal can really boost your organisational skills

2. Bullet Journaling

You may have heard of this one already as bullet journaling has become extremely popular with many resources, examples and tutorials online. 

Bullet journaling or “bujo” for short, is a next-level style of diary making. Structured around a grid of dots you can create neat layouts to track, plan, keep on top of your to-do lists and so much more. Bujo fans often decorate their journal pages with illustrations, calligraphic text, washi tape and stickers, so this kind of journaling can not only make you more organised but offers a wonderful creative outlet too!

You can find some inspiration for starting your own Bullet Journal on our Pinterest board here.

Planners don’t have to be for work… plan a dream holiday!

3. Planners  

Planners are essential for organising your time at work, school or university… but you can use them to plan fun things too!  

Keeping a planner is super helpful for organising events and trips. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, a party, going travelling, or getting ready to welcome a new arrival (our designer Katie made a puppy planner last year!), keeping all of your ideas, research and notes together will ensure you don’t lose any important information. 

If you’re having trouble making a decision, use your planner to list all of the options you could choose or add some images. Create a pro and con or likes and dislikes list for each option to help work out the problem. Your planner should be a tool to bring you success… whatever you’re planning for!

You can find some inspiration for creating the perfect planner on our Pinterest board here.

4. Daily Diary

Keeping a daily diary can be pretty useful if you’re prone to forgetfulness… but that’s not their only use. 

Taking the time to reflect on the day’s events could help you to understand yourself better. Ask yourself how things made you feel, how you interacted with other people and which things brought you joy, calm, frustration or anxiety. This can be a useful exercise to identify a constant factor if you’ve felt a bit off colour, or can point you in the direction of something you love! Use your diary to check in with yourself and clear some headspace for tomorrow. 

Of course a diary doesn’t have to be written. If you prefer, try sketching part of your day, or turn it into a mini comic. Check out hourly comic day for some great inspiration if you’d like to give it a try! 

You can find some inspiration for Daily Diaries on our Pinterest board here.

5. Scrapbook Journal

Similarly to a daily journal, you can document your life with a Scrapbook Journal. This is where you can really unleash your creativity: Part photo album, part sketchbook and part scrapbook you can use a notebook to create a beautiful, tactile memoir. 

Add photographs, pictures, drawings, stickers, cut-out pieces from magazines, torn papers, stamps or tape. Add dried flowers or leaves from a walk you’d like to remember. Include travel or concert tickets, or a paper coaster from a coffee shop you loved. This is a perfect project if you’re sentimental and love to keep momentos, and is so much fun to flick back through. 

You can find some inspiration on our Scrapbook Journal Pinterest board here.

Remember, every single one of our notebooks can be customised with your own text, a choice of binding types and paper for inside, so you can create your perfect book – however you choose to use it! You can browse all of our designs here.

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