Creating a notebook for Autumn Foraging

The start of September means that the last days of summer are just around the corner and although I’ll miss the long evenings, the start of autumn also brings new, exciting opportunities for outdoor adventures. If you know where to look, autumn can be just as much a season of plenty as summer. In that spirit, I am looking forward to creating a notebook for autumn foraging!

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Travel Journals

Summertime is here and to celebrate we thought we’d share a peek at our new collection. We’ve curated a selection of our favourite summer covers to create a new range of Travel Journals. We’ve even pre-set the cover text so all you’ll need to do is add your name, select your perfect paper and binding… Then you can get started on packing!

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Billy’s Top Five Styles of Journaling

Hello! Thank you for checking out our first post on the Billy blog. We hope that this can become a place to share inspiration for getting the most out of your Billy book, for learning new techniques and skills, and getting a few tips on creating perfect gifts. To get started we’ve made a list of of Billy’s Top Five Styles of Journaling… so if you’re looking for an excuse to treat yourself to a new notebook then read on!

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